How to Mind Your Own Business

Ever come across people who would tell you about their salaries before they wave a hello and smile, or ever met an unmarried girl advising you, when to have babies? I have, and trust me, there is nothing more annoying than being polite and smiling back to these people, while suppressing a growl and holding your hands away from their cheek. Ask me at such a moment ‘how to mind your own business’ and I may not reply with words and may use some other means.

All my growing years, I have come across various people who lack the quality of humbleness. And I have noted that these people are somehow obsessed with boasting and also hint low self-esteem. Otherwise, why do you need to be so loud when making a point so that the whole of the room notices you and not just the person you are talking to. Or why do you need to say sentences like, ‘why are you wearing this dress’ or ‘I got a job, pays big bucks, blah blah’, when all the other person is doing is playing friends with you.

As I said, minding your own business needs a lot of humbleness, politeness and respect for the other human being. It needs an understanding on your part, that the other person is an individual with his particular set of choices, and he/she is free to follow his/her choices. You need to understand that you are not always right and playing Miss Know-It-All or Mr. Know-It-All will take you nowhere and will in fact, take the other people away from you. So, the mantra is “Live and Let Live”. If you think you are the goddess of fashion or a finance guru, keep it to yourself, because you know what, the world doesn’t care and nobody has the time to listen to you bragging and boasting. Also, you may not always find a humble listener. So, beware of witty comebacks before you open your mouth. Don’t you remember the best ever mind your own business saying ‘do not do to others what you would not like

Advice always sounds good from people who have been there and done that. Like our parents and teachers whom we sadly (and most often) choose to ignore. But taking advice from someone who assumes he knows it all, is so irritating. Take for example the agony aunts (and uncles), you will find many of them who have taken it upon themselves to solve others’ problems. Mind you, helping when asked to is good, but being nosy and advising when not asked to is bad. I have personally come across people who were repelled to know that I am married, and by repelled I mean, they practically flew back a few feet from where they were standing and their eyes popped out. And they were louder than a train’s horn when they said ‘What! You are married!’. And they just kept moving their head sideways, even when I explained I am not that young and I married by my wish. To add to it, they will request you to not have babies as of now. Wow, is that reasonable? And I think I need not explain how repelled I am from such people. So, it is important that people understand where to draw a line when it comes to personal lives. And secondly, bring down that volume man!